Music Festival

Louisiana has many beautiful destinations and places of interest. One is the small town of Ferriday, which prides itself of being one of the most famous small towns in the United States. It boasts being the birth place of many celebrities and prides its artistic heritage.

This small town is famous for the legacy of Haney's Big House, a blues bar where several famous singers and musicians honed their skill and often performed as wedding entertainment. B.B. King played at the bar, and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis claimed to sneak in as a kid to listen to the music. The bar expanded into a hotel and it entertained as many as 400 people a night before the establishment burned down in the 1960s.

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Today, Ferriday's artistic heritage is represented by the Delta Music Museum. Established in 2002, this museum has attracted visitors from all over the United States and is a point of interest for international tourists. The first three displays are of Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Jimmy Swaggart.

Other inductees include James Houston Davis, who was a governor of Louisiana and also produced the song "You Are My Sunshine." Conway Twitty, who held 55 number one hits, including 40 number one country hits. Percy Sledge, who produced the hit "When a Man Loves a Woman." Irma Thomas, who is known as the Queen of Soul. John Fred Gourrier, who formed the band John Fred and the Playboys and composed songs for other famous singers.

The town of Ferriday is also home to quite a few church denominations and old fashioned evangelical preaching. The town is two-thirds African American, and is steeped in Blues and traditional Southern heritage. Ferriday is also only 8 miles from Lake St. John, which is famous for bass fishing.

Ferriday is located in the Concordia Parish, which is bordered on the east by the Mississippi River. Louisiana is rich in bodies of water and features fantastic fishing opportunities for both natives and tourists. Bass fish grow large in the South, and the only states more famous for bass fishing are Florida and California.

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